For the past ten years, Cristi Young, owner of No.2 Creative, has been passionate about the power of a well-told story. 


This singular idea shaped and inspired her diverse experiences in publishing, marketing and public relations.  After working with prestigious global brands in the fashion, culinary and lifestyle industries, it became even more clear that telling effective brand stories is one of the most crucial elements in brand development. With this in mind, No.2 Creative was launched, setting its chief aim to create and tell these stories in captivating ways.


Since then, Cristi has worked with local and international brands such as, WANT Les Essentiels, ZOÏ Agency, Judith & Charles, Armando Cabral, FA360, artist Daniel Stanford, Altai Design and is a contributing writer for Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Daily Worth. 

From brand consulting to content creation to social media planning, No.2 Creative will create materials and strategies that are concise, clear and creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a small-business or if you’re an established company looking to liven up your brand’s identity and voice. We'll brainstorm together, outline your business goals and create customized content  and strategy for your company that will engage your audience while presenting your brand in an enticing, results-driven way.

See to it that the message you’re putting out there conveys your uniqueness and creativity. Let's tell your story.