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After the turning point that was 2020, it's no surprise that the job market looks a lot different than it did pre-pandemic. We're working from home. We're exploring new career paths. We're finally picking up that spark of an idea and seeing if we can make a go of it. Simply put, we're exploring and making sense of this new landscape and the unlimited opportunities it's provided to us (finding those silver linings!). 

are you dusting off your resumé for the first time in years, only to find it needs some TLC?

Enter our resumé redux,

a completely customized service created to make you stand out.

We get that sometimes talking yourself up can feel a bit...awkward. And the truth is, many times we downplay our experiences without even realizing it. The idea is simple: After a one-on-one free consultation, we'll take a look at your current resumé and advise you on the key areas that need extra care and attention. 

then we'll get to work.

What exactly does that mean?

It means you'll hand over your resumé and we'll edit it and fill in any gaps to make sure you have an accurate and articulate representation of all you've accomplished and what you're striving for. 

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career changers, 


moms re-entering the work force, 


dreamers looking for a side hustle,


new graduates,


students looking for internships,

this is for you.

P.S.: There's more.


We know that landing a job (or your first paying customer!) involves more than sending the perfect resumé. That's why we offer a shortlist of assets to build your arsenal of career building tools: 

Cover letters, LinkedIn audits and edits, pitch templates, professional bios, and website workshops: We're pulling back the curtain on professional correspondence, personal marketing, and website content to raise the bar on your communication across the board.

let us do the work so you can get the work.

Excited to take the next step to leverage your skills and experiences to find (or create!) the job you've dreamed of?

schedule your free consultation below.

You're one step closer! We'll be in touch to schedule your free consultation.

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