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customers vs. fans

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

So what is the difference between a customer who simply buys from you and one who adores your brand? Why do some brands only do business while others seems to have a cult following?

The best marketing is the kind you don’t have to work or pay for. Having the enthusiasm and support of your clientele can lead to referrals, connections to like-minded companies and partners, and of course, repeat business. 

Here, three ways to boost word-of-mouth buzz and the undying loyalty of your customers.


What it means:

The customer is nearly always right, you lighten their load, and each interaction with your brand is a pleasure...maybe even unexpected fun. You anticipate their needs, questions and concerns and beat them to the punch. All that’s left for them to do is enjoy their experience.

Take your cues from...ZAPPOS

It may be the obvious choice, but Zappos has so dominated this field that one can’t talk about customer service without mentioning Zappos, a company that’s available 24/7, offers regular perks, and shipping 365-days a year. One service call even lasted more than ten hours! 

(Note: We’re not suggesting marathon calls with clients, simply showing the utmost importance they place on the customer leaving happily and satisfied.)


What it means:

You’ve thought about ways to turn your brand into a 360-degree experience. Instead of having one platform (let’s say a website), you may also have an active Twitter account, regular events with your customers, and a partnership with a top tier-brand that allows for cross-promotion. In short, you’ve taken your product and shared it in creatively and with abandon. Now, you’ve widened your audience and the probability that even if someone doesn’t see your website, there’s plenty of other opportunities for them to discover and interact with your brand.

Take your cues from...KITSUNÉ A brand that defines ‘the slash’, Kitsuné embodies a French fashion house / indie record label / partnership with Pernod / creative direction of Petit Bateau / and global boutiques. Their music fans can look forward to their seasonal fashion collections and their Petit Bateau followers can download Kitsuné compilations on iTunes. 

They’ve found fun and creative ways for their fans to discover and fall in love with each extension of their brand.


What it means

You’ve ensured that your content doesn’t always read as ‘buy, buy, buy!’ Your messaging is more captivating than self-serving. You care more about keeping your customers interested and inspired than about writing sales-driven content. 

Take your cues from...AESOP In case you missed our Facebook post, Aesop is a brand to love. In addition to tailoring each boutique according to its location, Aesop also curates an exceptional monthly newsletter, filled with product advice, exclusive interviews and travel city guides. With so much to explore, they’ve made it easy and effortless to spend time on their site, taking in their many unique attributes.

What are some of your best practices for cultivating a loyal and engaged community?



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