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Your website tune-up.

Updated: Oct 14, 2017

3 tips for creating a site that does business.

Websites----building them, designing them and writing them----can be a tricky field to navigate. While this is by no means comprehensive, there are three things every successful site needs to have. Note: Our marker for success here is hosting an active audience who wants to hear from you and a site that generates sales of your product or services. Because...who doesn't want that??

1. An easy to find opt-in box

It’s all about list sign-ups here. Social media ‘likes’ are great, but instead measure your audience by who is on your email list. Grabbing those email addresses not only means you have a community that wants to hear from you, it also means that you have a direct way to communicate your insights, newsletters and promotions to them, instead of fighting through the noise of social media in the hopes that they'll notice you.

RESOURCES: MailChimp is a great resource for creating newsletters and maintaining lists. HelloBar is also a favorite for its clean design and strategic placement at the top of your site.

2. An active blog page

So many of us are guilty for starting blogs, posting every day, and then disappearing for weeks or even months once the inspiration starts to wane. Don’t place impossible expectations on yourself: Aim for once a week, which is ideal, and then when you’re moved to create an additional post, you’ll be able to without the pressure of having to check in every day. 

Remember that your blog page should be more than only self-serving posts. Think advice, inspiration, insights--this is the place to give away free content and showcase your unique assets and strengths. 

RESOURCES: Most websites have this function built in to the set-up, but if yours doesn’t, Blogger is an easy and FREE option to take advantage of.

3. About Us page

The second most-visited page of any website, after the homepage of course, is the About page. Especially important for first-time visitors to your site, the About page is an area you can have a bit more fun with the tone of your content, while introducing yourself, your services and showcasing your personality as well. 

RESOURCES: Get your writing muscle working with our Mad Libs bio template - and let the creativity flow from there.

And of course, if you’re stumped with creating and writing your site...we’re here to help!



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